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AccessText Network

The AccessText Network facilitates the delivery of textbooks in electronic format to higher education institutions for use by students with disabilities. AccessText incorporates information on over 300,000 titles from leading textbook publishers. For more information on membership visit


If you are a publisher who would like information about participating in the Publisher Look-Up Service or the AccessText Network, please contact us.


If you are seeking an electronic format of a book or permission to scan it, please contact your campus DSS office. The DSS office is responsible for certifying student eligibility for accommodations and is typically the publisher's main point of contact.

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Publisher Look-Up Service

If you would like to report an error in this information or you are the publisher and would like to update your information, please Contact Us. For more information on requesting materials from publishers and for a request form, please review the Request Guidelines.

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Company Name: RANDOM HOUSE
Address: 1745 Broadway
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10019
Instructions: Alternative Formats for Students with Disabilities. For alternative text needs, please contact our alternative text partner, Bookshare.
AccessText Member: No
Imprints: Alfred A. Knopf
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Information Last Updated: 10-16-2017
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